About Us

Our Story

investED was founded by Brendan Mick on June 11th, 2017, after he realized there was a lack of resources available to help educate investors. That fall, he created a club at the University of Waterloo through St. Jerome’s University with the help of Jack Tinmouth, Greg Taylor, Matt Farias and Nick Savel. These executives have made it their goal to help out beginners and encourage others to invest.

Whether you consider yourself the next Warren Buffet or you are new to the game, we are always here to help. Our goal is to help you reach your financial goals, and we guarantee you will learn a lot along the way. The stock market may seem risky, but if you do your research it could be the best wealth creator.

Brendan Mick

Founder & President

I am a Math/CPA student at the University of Waterloo currently on my second co-op with Deloitte working in audit. Stocks have been my passion since tenth grade history class thanks to an investing simulator competition, but I have been interested in finance for as long as I can remember. My parents have entrusted me with managing their portfolio and many others have sought my investing advice. Just like my idol, Jim Cramer, my goal is to help you make money. My first two purchases were Valeant Pharmaceuticals [VRX.TO] and CRH Medical [CRH.TO]. I sold Valeant for a 94% loss and CRH for a 113% gain. Hey, nobody’s perfect ;D

Jack Tinmouth


I am a Nanotechnology Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. I have been following stocks since the tenth grade when my dad taught me all about them. After practicing in a simulator for a couple of years, my mom entrusted me with her portfolio and I was able to turn a profit. Though I'm not pursuing a professional career in finance, stocks have always been something I keep on my radar just because I find tracking them so fun! One of my more infamous stock stories is I was once invested in Nvidia Corp (NVDA.US) under $20, and I sold at $23......

Matthew Farias


I am an Arts and Business student majoring in Economics at the University of Waterloo. I first heard of stocks in high school through classes and friends but never was passionate about them until my first year of university when I met Brendan, he sparked my interest in stocks. I have always wanted to work in finance and now that I have gained a bigger interest in stocks I feel that will contribute to my future career. Something interesting about me is that I was first in the Math faculty before joining economics and I am a huge Detroit Red Wings fan!

Greg Taylor


I am a fourth-year student in the Math/Chartered Professional Accountancy Program and am currently on a co-op term at an investment company in Toronto. The venture capital firm, Green Acre Capital, was founded in 2017 and invests strictly in private companies within the currently volatile cannabis industry. This position, along with the knowledge I have gained working alongside Brendan, have given me the confidence to manage portfolios for multiple individuals. I am a huge Leafs fan, I love socializing with friends and travelling on weekends, and am extremely interested in mental health and personal growth.